Private Investment Trust 

Private Investment Trust 
by Expedit

We offer a diversified alternative for investment in asset-backed security tokens through the issuance of our native XpKp security tokens.

Don't invest more, invest better!

Our Tokenized Private Investment Funds, offer real asset-backed portfolios of projects in Iberoamerica.

Real estate & 
Green Energy

Eco-friendly investment projects that reduce their carbon footprint. 70% Real Estate & 30% Green Energy

Investing will never be impossible again!

Investments within
 your reach

  • We promote financial inclusion by unblocking people's investment barriers for the Ibero-American market.
  • Budget Friendly Investments.

Eco-Friendly investments

  • Invest in projects with carbon footprint reduction protocols
  • Green Energy.
  • Smart Buildings & LEED Certification.

More Liquid Investments

  • Wallet compatible with Ethereum.
  • Debit Card.
  • Internal Secondary Market. 

Smart investments

  • The power is in your hands.
  • Diversified Investment Fund
  • Marketplace
  • STOs

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or refinance your project?

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