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Become an #Expeditor founding investor!

We are raising our Pre-Seed capital round, to launch the next Iberoamerican Unicorn!

Pre-Seed Capital Round 

Natural Person Minimum Ticket
Acreditade Investors / VCs / CVCs

Investment Vehicle
Simple Agreement for Future Equity - SAFE
Valuation CAP to next Capitalization Round:
Discount: 20%

Use of Proceeds

  • Legal & Banking
  • Security Token Offering fees
  • Platform Costs & Equipment
  • Digital Marketing
  • 18 Months of Operational Costs
  • Legal Capital Reserve
Immediate Return:
The investor will receive the same investment value in Security Tokens from the first Security Token Offering of Expedit - XpKp

It's your way, 
your vehicle, 
your opportunity 
to expand your investments
around the world!